Homeownership Council of America promotes, advocates for, and builds affordable delivery systems that provide capital for homeownership in our underserved communities.

The Homeownership Council of America’s mission is to expand economic opportunity for underserved communities through homeownership.

We do this by:

Advancing the growth of nonprofit mortgage lending through our Community Lending Initiatives in Mortgage Banking (CLIMB) Program. 

Partnering with industry leaders to invest in nonprofit mortgage lending through capacity building, capital investments, and access to credit.

Providing leadership on policy and advocacy that supports homeownership and its vital role in underserved communities and populations.

Building partnerships to provide access to homeownership and sustainable mortgage loans for members of underserved populations and communities. 

Focusing on underserved homeowners in communities of color, low-to-moderate income, and rural communities. 

Homeownership Council of America envisions an America where all people have equal access to homeownership and its benefits.  An America where safe, affordable and reliable mortgage services are locally available through trusted, mission-based organizations. We are building this vision with our CLIMB Program.

Discover Community Lending Initiatives in Mortgage Banking (CLIMB)

CLIMB the Lending Ladder with Homeownership Council of America!

Building the field of Professional Nonprofit Lenders to Serve America’s Underserved Communities.

Whether your organization is just starting out or an experienced lender, HCA can help you move to the next step.  HCA’s CLIMB shows you how to increase your nonprofit organizations lending ability while developing a source of sustainable revenue to help further your mission. Take this quick Self-Assessment to see if CLIMB is right for your organization.


See our latest shared work with Urban Institute and Fahe on Micro-mortgages through Project Reconstruct in Louisville KY thanks to Access Ventures Foundation.