Community Lending Initiatives in Mortgage Banking

HCA’s CLIMB provides technical assistance and capacity building for nonprofit organizations to launch or expand their homeownership lending.

HCA’s CLIMB program works with nonprofit organizations, lenders, and investors.  Together we build new delivery systems through skilled nonprofit lenders.  These systems connect underserved communities to affordable mortgage and downpayment assistance products.

For the nonprofit, CLIMB builds capacity and increases stability for the organization allowing them to focus more on their mission. 

For the investor, CLIMB opens access to underserved communities. 

For the homebuyer, CLIMB provides affordable lending from a trusted source in their community. 

CLIMB is growing.  Organizations throughout the country are gearing up. 

Read quotes from some nonprofit lenders about HCA’s CLIMB Program:

“We absolutely came away with some valuable information that will assist us in developing our recruitment strategies and having more realistic expectations around production goals for both operations and originations staff. “

“You have helped us to identify critical components that NWOC will need to be successful under this model, which is very valuable to assisting us in developing our upcoming business plan.”

Helen O’Sullivan, CEO, NWOC

“We gained a greater understanding of the ‘calculus’ behind mortgage banking, and have a stronger plan for our continued lending growth as a result.”

– Sara Morgan, Fahe

Thanks to CLIMB I can sleep better tonight than I have in 2 years and 9 months.”

– John Dillow, CFO, Eastern Eight CDC

“You blew our minds!”

-Lindy Turner, Executive Director, Clinch Powell

“Being part of CLIMB was way better than I expected it to be”

-Tom Manning-Beavin, Executive Director, Frontier Housing

“I don’t think it had ever occurred to us that we could operationally behave more like for-profit lenders, or that our mindset could be the biggest limiting factor.”

-Sabrina Seamon, Deputy Director, Clinch Powell

CLIMB the lending ladder with HCA!

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