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HCA provides a leading voice for homeownership; bringing practical experience and lending expertise to policy leaders. We have created a blueprint to increase access to homeownership in underserved communities, and demonstrate those delivery systems with nonprofits through our CLIMB program.  Our growing staff of in-house experts guided by an experienced Board of Directors and our National Leadership Advisory Council.  HCA collaborates with lenders, investors and nonprofits throughout the USA.  We use this expertise to provide a platform for collaborative research, development of best practices, products, policies and programs.  Together we create a shared voice for actionable solutions to the homeownership gap for America’s underserved communities. 

Listening to the organizations that we work with, learning from data analysts, advocates, and policy experts, sharing ideas & best practices; we provide a platform for collaborative work and a shared voice focused on homeownership for underserved communities nationally.

We all benefit from a strong middle-class in America.  A strong middle-class requires stable assets. Homeownership is the greatest asset for many of us.  It is critical that we have a shared understanding of the homeownership gap in America.   Lenders, Investors, Nonprofit Organizations must work together to reach our underserved communities.  Together we can ensure that everyone has equitable access to homeownership.  

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Underserved Communities in Homeownership – Conservative estimates show that there are at least 10 million mortgage-ready people residing in underserved communities. in this underserved community.  Improved access to credit could result in a potential for increased loan volume by trillions of dollars, while increasing the asset-building base for millions of Americans.  In this paper, Homeownership Council of America explores how this can be accomplished by aligning human capital with financial services, developing new strategies and partnerships, and adding resources to improve access to affordable homeownership in our nation’s underserved communities. 

Our Current Activities

Reconstruct Challenge

Micro-Mortgage Marketplace:  An affordable option for home purchase and renovation.  TheUrban Institute, Fahe, and HCA are partnering to create a new micro-mortgage product that streamlines fees and costs, simplifies processing, and allows for affordable home purchase and renovation enabling sustainable homeownership for low-and middle-income households.  Find out more

Gabe del Rio, CEO & President

Consumer Affairs Advisory Council of Mortgage Bankers Association – A new strategic initiative of the MBA to help develop stronger and more effective affordable housing partnerships in both the policy and business arenas. The objective of these partnerships will be to promote more sustainable, affordable homes for purchase and rental for underserved people and communities, especially minorities and low-to-moderate-income Americans.

Small Loan Task Force of the Residential Board of Governors – a special task force of MBA working with staff to create solutions and an agenda that furthers the mortgage banking industry’s provision of small dollar loans that are vital to reaching affordable homeownership at scale nationally.

Lupe Hernandez, COO

NAHREP, National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals – The Voice for Hispanic Real Estate® and proud champions of homeownership for the Hispanic community. 

Jennifer Murphy, Director of Grants & Administration

Advisory Board of National Housing Resource Center – A nonprofit coalition dedicated to organizing the nonprofit housing counseling agencies into a unified voice to advocate for the housing counseling industry and on behalf of housing consumers.

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