Thought Leadership; Whitepapers, Webinars, & Infographics

Acting as thought leadership on reducing barriers for LMI borrowers:HCA is advancing affordable homeownership through promoting solutions and connecting practitioners with resources and each other. In 2019, we will be producing several white papers on homeownership, to curate and distill the latest learnings around challenges and opportunities in affordable homeownership, with a focus on making our information accessible and actionable. Each whitepaper will be accompanied by info-graphics and a national webinars that make sharing the information easier in today’s fast moving world. Support for this work is needed and appreciated, and funders will also receive webinar presentations for their staff by request; which is a great way to inspire more CRA originations.

We collaborate to create a shared voice for nonprofits working on access to capital and solutions for underserved homebuyers nationally.

Listening to the organizations that we work with, learning from data analysts, advocates, and policy experts, sharing ideas & best practices; we provide a platform for collaborative work and a shared voice focused on homeownership for underserved communities nationally.

Upcoming topics in the works at HCA:

Underserved Communities in Homeownership – definitions, problem statements, next steps. Featuring study data from FreddieMac, MBA, Urban Institute, the Federal Reserve, Harvard, and others.

The Color of Homeownership – African American homeownership results-focused using same data sources; lens will then focus on solutions and feature an interview panel to discuss problems, solutions, and next steps for our industry; interviewees expected to be high level African American leaders in lending and community development.

Affordable Homeownership – a deep dive into the meanings of the term, what is working and what we should do more of, including: definitions, lending products, policies, development strategies, down payment assistance, and data analysis.

Homeownership Delivery Systems for Underserved Communities – nonprofit and for-profit models, results to date from existing hub & spoke models, emerging and proven solutions from products to partnerships, and areas that need more research.

We all win when we build a strong middle class in America, and homeownership is the singles greatest source of the assets that underpin that stability. It’s critical that we have a shared understanding in this country of who is underserved in access to homeownership, how and why it occurs, and what we can do to ensure that everyone has equitable access to homeownership opportunities.

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