Capital Partnerships

HCA connects capital sources and consumer-focused lending products, with mission aligned business models, to increase nonprofit lending capacity. We are partnering with industry leaders to build sustainable delivery systems that provide vital pathways to homeownership for underserved communities.

  • Creating capital partnerships for nonprofits with investors in capital markets and mortgages that provide sustainability for the mission and excellent investments.
  • Bringing together shared interests around common goals to create collaborative solutions, working partnerships, and delivery systems that enable access to credit.
  • We connect capacity & strategic direction with capital & investor agreements that provide products, channels, margins, and returns to all parties involved.
  • We work with creative and new products, technology, and processes that involve a large set of vendors, systems, and contracts that we can any nonprofit navigate.
  • We ensure triple bottom line goals, agreements, and programs that serve consumers, nonprofits, and investors sustainably.
CDFIs Nationally – Not Showing roughly 2,000 HUD approved HBE & Counseling Locations

Contact us today if you are an investor looking to build partnerships with nonprofits or are making Community Development investments into organizations and looking for more leverage and outcomes than just an investment. HCA works with partners to achieve all parties goals, in service of LMI and underserved communities nationally.

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