Capacity Building

We offer capacity building & technical assistance to CDFIs and nonprofits engaging in lending, across the country, to help build capacity in targeted low-to-moderate income regions. HCA is working with nonprofit lenders and investors to build new delivery systems that connect LMI borrowers with capital partners and affordable lenders & products. We do this by building capacity within our partners to engage in the value and delivery of mortgage lending & down payment assistance programs. For those that already are working in these lines of lending business; HCA works with our partners to turn their Strategic Plan of growing their lending operation, into a Tactical Action Plan that gets the organization there step by step.

We help make the early turns on the flywheel of creating a working collaborative and functional lending platform, with training, management & leadership consulting, compliance & licensing assistance, and staff & partner trainings.

HCA brings a wholistic approach to creating the right fit for and organizations goals, capacity, and mission-business.

HCA builds organizational capacity to serve more homebuyers through fee-for-service and revenue-generating models; assisting regional and national affordable lending hubs.

We recently began working with the NeighborWorks Solutions Group to build and pilot a hub & spoke lending cooperative for the NeighborWorks network, with a pilot launch in mid 2019 for the first few organizations. This innovative group is building a hub & spoke model for the NeighborWorks network, whereby the hub is a GSE and Investor Seller, and the spokes are Lenders for their state or region. The pilot phase goes through the summer and we have a waitlist of NW organizations ready to sign on as lenders for this NW mortgage cooperative model.

Here are some quotes from some nonprofit lenders we are working with:

“Thank you for the information!  This will be incredibly useful as we go forward.”

               –Rachel Willis, Executive Director, HHOCM

“We absolutely came away with some valuable information that will assist us in developing our recruitment strategies and having more realistic expectations around production goals for both operations and originations staff. “
“You have helped us to identify critical components that NWOC will need to be successful under this model, which is very valuable to assisting us in developing our upcoming business plan.”

Helen OSullivan, CEO, NWOC

“We gained a greater understanding of the ‘calculus’ behind mortgage banking, and have a stronger plan for our continued lending growth as a result.”

               -Sara Morgan, Fahe

C.L.I.M.B. the Lending Ladder with HCA!

Introducing CLIMB; Community Lending Initiatives in Mortgage Banking

HCA created this infographic to help nonprofits understand the various levels of engagement in lending which they can participate in, what the different earnings levels are per homebuyer, and what it takes (at a high level) organizationally to make it happen. We are happy to explain this in detail, help your organization determine where you are on our HCA Lending Ladder, and provide you with a customized TA & Capacity Building support package to help your organization CLIMB!

HCA Lending Ladder for Nonprofits to CLIMB

In addition to our focused services of building lending capacity and programs within our partner nonprofits & CDFIs, our experienced team knows that it takes a lot of preparation to get there. In order to aid our partners in this work, HCA also provide the following menu of Technical Assistance & Capacity Building Supports:

  • Planning and organizing problem statements, goals, and scope desired for each clients desired outcomes, with measurable results and customized roadmap.
  • Grant and Proposal writing, including data compilation, analysis, and forecasting.
  • Marketing, branding, and advertising with B2B and B2C specific strategies.
  • People, Products, Process assessments and feedback with strategies and tactics to achieve organizational goals.
  • Governance, compliance, and licensing preparation for lending, loan purchase, and HUD approved services.
  • Application assistance for licensing, GSE approvals, working & warehouse capital, correspondent lending, brokerage, and more.

We have a host of professionals to bring to the table for specific organizational development and assistance as needed for the desired outcome.

Please contact us if you would like to sponsor or set-up capacity building for affordable lending solutions among investors and nonprofits.

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