With significant changes to the leadership, mission, and vision of the organization, the Board agreed on updated bylaws along with other changes designed to best support and inform the work of our mission. This means that we have three newly opened seats with specific professional experience desired for each seat in accordance with our bylaws.

Our Board Leadership

Chair – Clemente Mojica, President & CEO, Neighborhood Partnership Housing Services – CDFI & Social Enterprise serving Southern CA

Clemente is the President and Chief Executive Officer of NPHS. He is a community and economic development executive with over sixteen years of experience in housing policy, community revitalization and affordable housing development. In addition to his role as CEO at NPHS, Clemente sits on the Board of the Southern California Association of Non-Profit Housing (SCANPH), an organization that facilitates affordable housing development across Southern California by advancing effective public policies, sustainable financial resources, strong member organizations and beneficial partnerships.

A social entrepreneur and a community development executive with over eighteen years of experience in affordable housing, economic development, management, marketing, fundraising and public policy. I leverage this unique mix of skills to develop programs, new business lines and cross-sector strategic partnerships that promote the development of sustainable communities, establishment of equity-building opportunities for underserved people, and creation and preservation of living-wage jobs.

Secretary – Yamila Ayad, Mortgage Banker & Diverse Markets Leader, working with Best Capital Funding on affordable lending initiatives.

Yamila Ayad is a long time a community advocate for homeownership, and one of the Founding Board Members of the organization in our formation in 2005. Yamila has been a driving force behind many successful events that served tens of thousands of people in our organization’s HOME Clinic models – first focused from 2005-2008 on pre-purchase affordable homeownership solutions, and later from 2008-2015 on foreclosure prevention.  Throughout the years, Yamila has always been a mortgage-banking leader, and stayed active as an originator, allowing her to understand the nuanced needs of consumers.

Her approach to mortgage origination is as a learning experience for new buyers, whereby she actively educates them on the responsibilities of homeownership and what they need to do to become a sustainable homeowner. Yamila is also a passionate community leader who actively uses board roles to influence and educate others on the needs of the Latino community and public policy and business practices that promote and foster home ownership for working families. Yamila has served on the San Diego Foundation Board, the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, and others, and has been a long standing Board leader and officer with our organization.

Treasurer – Melody Winter Head, Regional Manager in Community Development, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Since joining the Federal Reserve in 2003, Melody Head has engaged financial institutions, community-based economic development leaders and government agencies to develop solutions to pressing neighborhood issues in low-wealth communities of Southern California. The emphasis of her work is on building assets through the development of affordable housing, small and micro business, workforce training and jobs, financial education, and healthy communities.

Prior to coming to the Federal Reserve, Melody invested many years in all aspects of mortgage loan origination and sales and compliance with the Community Reinvestment Act. In addition, she spent several years developing asset building solutions for low-wealth savers and jobs for workers in the field of high tech. She is active with several community-based nonprofit providers and serves on committees of the Orange County Community Housing Corporation and the Clearinghouse CDFI and is a former board member of SAMCO. Born in Burbank, California and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Melody holds an undergraduate degree in business from Pepperdine University and a Master’s degree in National Community Economic Development from Southern New Hampshire University.

Incoming Director – Sara Morgan, Chief Operating Officer, Fahe – the nations premier rural CDFI located in Kentucky and serving over 17 states.

Sara Morgan has worked for over twenty-five years to improve the economic strength of Appalachia. She is an expert in financing housing, infrastructure, community facilities, nonprofits, and community development. Ms. Morgan has been with Fahe for 17 years and recently led a successful application to the CDFI Bond Guarantee program, resulting in $40M coming to Appalachia and raised $50M from the USDA Community Facilities Relending Program for communities of persistent poverty.

Under her leadership, Fahe became the first nonprofit in the country to be approved to launch a Regional Broker Network, and became a USDA 502 Direct Intermediary that brings over $55M in new mortgages to Appalachia annually. Her expertise was key to the launch of Fahe’s Housing Equity Funds which to date has raised and placed $41.25M, creating and preserving over 516 affordable rental homes. Ms. Morgan oversees Fahe’s Loan Servicing division, managing more than $185M in loans owned by Fahe and over 30 investors and maintaining a portfolio 30+ day delinquency rate of below 5%. Since its inception in 1980, Fahe has invested $784.8 million generating $1.43 billion in finance. This investment is channeled through Fahe’s Members and community partners, directly changing the lives of over 535,000 people.

Ms. Morgan is a 2012 alumnus of the Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government’s Achieving Excellence program. She holds a B.A. in Mathematics from Berea College, is a certified CDBG grant administrator, and completed a Mini-MBA program for Nonprofits held at Berea College.

Fahe has advanced from an outstanding membership organization dedicated to improving Appalachian life through affordable housing to an exceptional leader in community development, innovative job growth, and wealth creation, all while staying true to Fahe’s original mission. Thanks to the dedication and vision of the leadership; including Sara, Fahe has remained a healthy and sustainable entity that continues to faithfully serve the people of Appalachia.

Open Seat Filling in Q3 2019 – The Board of Directors is calling for a national mortgage industry leader; (eastern half of US or DC preferred)candidates are under consideration and expected to come from DC area representing a national industry agency.

Open Seat Filling in Q3 2019 – The Board of Directors is calling for a national nonprofit or credit union leader, (eastern half of US or DC preferred) candidates are under consideration.

Open Seat Filling in Q3 2019 – The Board of Directors is calling for an academic, policy, or research leader (eastern half of US or DC preferred) interested in advancing and deepening understanding around underserved communities and barriers to homeownership as well as solutions and scaling of opportunities.

President & CEO – Gabe del Rio, AMP –  Affordable finance, mortgage banking, and HUD homeownership services expert known for innovation – by our corporate bylaws and articles, the President & CEO is also a member of the Board, however recusing from vote wherever appropriate. See Gabe’s Bio on the Staff Leadership page.

Please contact us if you meet these broad qualifications and are interested in serving on the Board of Directors. We encourage and seek out a diverse set of leaders, opinions, experience, background, race, ethnicity, and gender. Board service is fun and rewarding with the Homeownership Council of America.

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