HCA in 2019 and our new COO

Greetings Friends & Colleagues,
It has been 6 months or more since you heard from Gabe and for others it’s been fairly recent that you have interacted with Lupe and/or Gabe, and this announcement marks a new chapter in decades of shared mission service for both of us. We are both excited to stay connected with you and to our mission-passion; now coming to you from Homeownership Council of America, founded in 2005 and previously known as Housing Opportunities Collaborative.
The Homeownership Council of America’s mission is to expand economic opportunity for underserved communities through homeownership;

·        by advancing growth in mortgage-lending activity by CDFIs and HUD-Approved organizations,

·        by partnering with industry leaders to leverage innovation with local nonprofit capacity, capital investments, and access to credit,

·        by being a thought leader and a voice with policy advocacy supporting the vital importance homeownership plays in wealth creation for the communities we serve, 

·        and by building partnerships for sustainable delivery systems that provide vital pathways to homeownership for people of color, low to moderate income, and rural communities.

Our new branding honors so many years of service to the mission of access to homeownership for underserved communities, and we are excited to build on this organization’s 15 year history as a convener of events and service providers that have served tens of thousands of households in achieving or sustaining homeownership. Having a new leadership team with a supportive mission-focused board; we are increasing our service to the mission by providing capacity building services to nonprofits and CDFIs who are growing their mortgage and down payment assistance lending operations.

Additionally we are actively engaged in policy advocacy and industry discussions with a host of issues that affect access to homeownership. In doing so, we are joining other great national agencies in the housing space, but with a different lens/approach as the only national organization solely focused on homeownership solutions for underserved communities, and often as the only nonprofit participating in mortgage industry committees & discussions.

We are bringing our niche experience set in mortgage lending, community development, nonprofit management, and professional trainings & events to benefit our partners & clients nationally; to help the field reach more homebuyers collaboratively and at scale. We are also generating white-papers with corresponding nationwide webinars & infographics that will utilize data from leading research providers in homeownership and leading industry professionals, to focus in on understanding the problems that are creating underserved communities and both emerging innovations & proven solutions to bridge the gap, and create a stronger, more inclusive and equitable base of homeownership in this country.

This year’s Whitepaper, Infographic, and Webinar Series will cover the following topics:

·        Underserved Communities in Homeownership – definitions, problem statements, next steps. Featuring study data from FreddieMac, MBA, Urban Institute, the Federal Reserve, Harvard, and others.

·        The Color of Homeownership – homeownership results-focused using the major data sources and studies; our HCA lens will then focus on solutions and feature an interview panel to discuss problems, solutions, and next steps for our industry; interviewees expected to be high level leaders of color in lending and community development.

·        Affordable Homeownership – a deep dive into the meanings of the term, what is working and what we should do more of, including: definitions, lending products, policies, development strategies, down payment assistance, and data analysis.

·        Homeownership Delivery Systems for Underserved Communities – nonprofit and for-profit models, results to date from existing hub & spoke models, emerging and proven solutions from products to partnerships, and areas that need more research.

Please have a look at the infographic below for more about HCA’s Programs & Services, and let us know if you’d like to engage or how we can help you. We are thrilled to work with our field together and look forward to staying connected with you as we move forward. 

Yours in mission service,

Gabe del Rio                 &                    Lupe Hernandez
President/CEO                                     Chief Operating Officer
gdr@homeownershipcouncil.org         lupe@homeownershipcouncil.org

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